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You are not alone!

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The App

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Do you need to talk to someone about your situation who is going through the same thing? Make friends in the app and get to know each other.

Would you like to continue dating after your diagnosis and do not feel the need for 'the talk' when you go on a date, swipe in the app and meet up.

Or would you like to write something about yourself or read other people there stories? Scroll through the timeline or post your own message.

How the app works


Swiping like you used to, but more fun!

The dating function in Dosipp works just like in other dating apps but with an extra nice feature! You can choose which photos you make visible on your profile for everyone who passes by and which others only see when you accept their request. 

Also there are four different stickers that you can choose from when creating your profile. With this sticker you let others know what you are looking for. Choose from:


Bedpartner  ·   Real love     ·    Friends   ·   See what happends

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Read and post messages

In the timeline you can post messages yourself, but you can also read messages from others. So whether you need a little distraction or you just want to write something about yourself and share it with others, you can do it in timeline. In the timeline it is also possible to choose whether you make your message public or only visible to friends.



Everything has been thought of

User friendly

To guarantee your privacy, there is an option to choose whether you want to set your photos on your profile on public mode or private mode. The same applies to the messages you place in the timeline, you can choose whether you set your messages on public or private mode. In the chatroom, the other person will have to send a request to chat with you and only you decide if you want to!

Your feedback

We value your opinion. You can use the contact form in the app. Do you have a complaint, an unpleasant experience or would you like to see something else in the app, let us know. A nice review is of course also very welcome!


It is not allowed in the app to use insulting or hurtful language or to distribute medical information. There is an option in the timeline and in the chat room for everyone to report a message or a user when this happens.


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About Us

My story

At the end of the year 2021 I was diagnosed with herpes. Being diagnosed with herpes or another STD can feel like a shock. You are full of questions and you probably don't dare to talk about this with (almost) anyone arround you. I found all the medical information about the virus on the internet, but no one could tell me how I could live with this on a social level.


That is why the Dosipp app was developed. The app is for anyone who is diagnosed with a permanent STD or an STD for a longer period of time. In the app it is possible to meet fellow sufferers. In the timeline you can read and post messages, in the chats you can talk to each other and on the datingpage you can swipe just like on other dating apps. Whether you are looking for someone to talk to or looking for the love of your life, anything is possible!

Led by the belief that we are not alone!

When I was diagnosed, I felt the world sink beneath my feet. The virus would never go away and I had to learn to live with this. Only me...

After days of research on the internet and reading various forums and articles and even finding communities on social media channels, I felt stronger, because it turned out: I was not alone! This inspired me to develop an app for this and to combine everything clearly. The way messages are posted and read in forums, in communities people seek each other out to talk about it, or the way people want to date fellow sufferers through social media channels to avoid 'the talk' when they go on a date or because they feel understood by each other, everything now falls together in one place, in the Dosipp app.



"To be filled"

Jane Doe

"To be filled"

Jane Doe

"To be filled"

Jane Doe

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